Luxottica and Heinemann ramp up Ray-Ban presence

Luxottica Global Channels, a division of Luxottica Group, is partnering with Gebr. Heinemann to increase activities for Ray-Ban across the retailer’s European operation, amidst high double-digit year-to-date growth for the brand.


18 Gebr. Heinemann locations, including Frankfurt, Vienna, Bucharest, Billund, Berlin, Cologne and Salzburg airports, are playing host to Ray-Ban promotions over the peak summer months. These locations will feature the specially developed “Ray-Ban Table”, which will showcase both the new collection and existing ranges.
Munich Ray-Ban Wall


A healthy year-on-year increase in the average unit price of sunglasses sold by Heinemann points to a trend of shoppers ‘trading-up’ in sunglasses in travel retail

The most recent personalised Ray-Ban wall bays at Budapest and Munich airports feature a wide Ray-Ban range, segmented in Icons, Tech, Lifestyle and Kids, as well as highlighting the new collections.

According to Luxottica, the surge in sunglass sales is indicative of broader growth for brands in the Luxottica portfolio in Gebr. Heinemann stores, and significant progress in the retailer’s total sunglasses category.

Gebr. Heinemann Purchasing Director Fashion/Accessories Jan Richter commented: “We identified sunglasses as a key growth-driving category a number of years ago, and the performance we witness today is the result of strategic investment and brand partnerships where we share a common vision for the category.

“Instant magnetism”: Luxottica believes Ray-Ban’s popularity can have a positive effect on the entire sunglasses category

“Following our successful collaborations in locations such as Oslo and Copenhagen, this latest European-wide activity with Ray-Ban takes partnership to a new level. As the category-leader, Ray-Ban has instant magnetism to attract shoppers in store, producing a positive impact on the Luxottica portfolio, the entire sunglasses category and total store sales.”

Luxottica Head of Global Channels Francis Gros said: “The universal appeal of sunglasses and the inherent link to the sun and summer holidays makes the category, in my view, one of the most important for summer tourists. This opportunity has gone untapped for too long, but, fortunately, mindsets are changing.


“I’m delighted that Gebr. Heinemann are continuing to embrace the power of the sunglasses category to boost sales not only in sunglasses, but all to drive store penetration and total sales. This latest summer activity is an example of a relevant, experiential, avant-garde collaboration, which is happening through the proactive leadership demonstrated by both retailer and brand owner.”