Holiday Wish List: A Few Pairs That I Need to Add to My Collection

Thank you Ray-Ban for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Ray-Ban, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I have a growing obsession with glasses. Now that I started looking at my frames as accessory options, rather than *just* a need, I have been happily adding, growing, and expanding my world when it comes to frames and shades! As someone who NEEDS prescription frames, the options and the experiences growing up were always a bit embarrassing! However, thanks to technology, design, and the many advancements, I have more than a few options to play in! But today? I was invited to check out what Ray-Ban had to offer and fashion my own wish list!
Fancy frames with tons of tude?

I thought why not?

Honestly, I never thought to look and check for Ray-Ban for prescription glasses, but after seeing a few fancy pairs on blogger Kellie Brown, I had to see what they were up to! She had on more than a few cute pairs and I wanted a few for myself! Ha!

So, ummm, did you know that you can create your own Ray-Ban frames? From the frame shape, to the color of the lens, temple tips, and you can engrave the temple tips! Like put your name, or your homegirl’s name on it! AND you get to choose the case! Seriously, you can choose from 19 styles, 300 colors, and 95 lenses to create a gift that’s truly personal. How cool does customizing a pair of frames for your friend, family, or loved one sound? Isn’t this a great gift for the holidays?!
These are the ones I designed for myself:


But asides from the obvious really cool customized frames, I saw these other frames that I wanted to add to my wish list, can’t you see me in these?

Listen. Did you know that Ray-Ban now offers prescription sunglasses as well? I had no idea!!! This warms my heart and makes things even more exciting, especially with over 120 Ray-Ban model frames available.
A Few Pairs I Need to Add to My Growing Frames Collection
Erika Optics, Light Blue


Blue is my favorite color and these are soooo much fun! I can see these as a perfect option for the springtime! Ohhh head to toe denim and paired with these? FANCY!
Clubround Tortoise


These just scream confidence to me. Like, I need to be rocking a bold red lip with these! Paired with a button up maxi sundress and a big hat? Yes, honey. Yes.

Fullscreen capture 11282016 104953 AM

For the days I am feeling a bit sassy and playful, these are a great addition to the collection! I mean, what a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit, than with your frames? These would be in heavy rotation.


I currently live in these clear frames, but white? Ohhh, honey these would be the Diva frames. Like, seriously. Confidence, attitude, and sass. These embody all of this to me!

How cool are these picks? I mean, if you are going to rock your glasses, might as well have some fun with it, right? I know that I am! Now that I switched my thinking from function to fashion, form, & function, my world has opened up to the variety of options!
Curious? Check out the full collection and customize your own pair at!

Honestly, I never thought to check out Ray-Ban, but now that I have, I am seriously going to make a few of these pairs mine… the question really is… which ones? Ohhhh and guess what? They have free overnight shipping and free returns! BUT! I am curious, which ones should I add to my collection? I want to hear from you!