Ray-Ban New Wayfarer 52 vs. 55: Which One Should You Get?

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer 52 vs. 55

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer 52 vs. 55 In 2001, the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer was given a makeover to improve the comfort and functionality of the glasses. This revamped version of the Wayfarer, otherwise known as the RB2132, was designed to eliminate the over-pronounced tilt of the original Wayfarer, enabling the frame to sit more comfortably on the face. This new Wayfarer frame also allowed less sunlight to shine into the glasses, and it was made with lighter materials for a more lightweight feel.


Ray-Ban released the New Wayfarer in two difference sizes:  the 52 eyesize, which is the smaller size, and the 55 eyesize, which is the bigger size. Read this comparison of the 52 vs. 55 to help you determine which size to get:

Ray Ban New Wayfarer 52 vs 55 eye size

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer 52mm (left) vs. 55mm eyesize (right)

Wayfarer 52 The 52 represents the width of each lens, which is 52mm. And if you really want to get technical, the height of each lens, or the “B” measurement, is about 36mm. The New Wayfarer 52 has a small-to-medium fit, which is generally a nice fit for women.

Ray Ban New Wayfarer 52 eye size, New Wayfarer 52 vs 55

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer 52mm eyesize

Wayfarer 55 The New Wayfarer 55 has more of a medium-to-large fit. The width of each lens is of course 55mm, and the height of each lens is about 40mm. So they’re definitely bigger up and down and side to side. The 55mm Wayfarer is usually a good fit for men, but it’s all a matter of preference and whether you like an oversized fit or a smaller fit. I’m a bigger guy and a 55 definitely fits me better. If you’re a woman who likes bigger frames, then the 55mm might work for you also.

Ray Ban New Wayfarer 55 eye size. New Wayfarer 52 vs 55

New Wayfarer 55mm eyesize

Hope that helps! Click here to find out the difference between the Original Wayfarer 50 vs. 54 eyesize. If you have more questions about the New Wayfarers, feel free to hit us up and speak with an optician!