Ray Ban Tech Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

Ray Ban Tech Carbon Fibre Sunglasses

Ray Ban Tech Carbon Fiber ( Fibre ) Sunglasses now available.

Ray Ban continues to expand its use of materials this season. First they introduced the Ray Ban Craft Collection which used genuine leather accents, now in perfect timing for summer they release the Ray Ban Carbon Fibre Collection from their Tech department.

The new collection features sunglasses which are composed of carbon fiber and a resin composite which creates a lightweight, strong, flexible, and resilient material.

Carbon fiber is used on everything from race cars and airplanes to the space shuttle. It’s not only strong (often stronger than steel), but also extremely light weight.

Ray Ban RB 8301 Carbon Fibre Sunglasses
The Ray Ban RB 8301 Cabon Fiber aviator sunglasses fits almost all faces extremely well; it features slim elongated carbon fiber temples with rubber temple tips for added comfort and non-slip grip. It’s available in both polarized and non polarized lenses and in multiple classic color combinations.


Ray Ban RB 8303 Carbon Fibre Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB 8303 Carbon Fiber sunglasses are a extremely lightweight, easy to wear classic rectangle style, and features a rimless three piece mount construction. The lightweight polycarbonate lenses are paired with slim elongated carbon fiber temples which feature rubber temple tips for added strength, comfort and non-slip grip. It’s available in both polarized and non polarized lenses and in multiple classic color combinations.


Editor’s Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Editor's Top 10 Sunglasses Holiday Gift Guide

Our editor’s top ten sunglasses for the season.
We’ve made our list and checked it twice; From limited editions, to new arrivals, to best sellers, our gift guide has you covered.

Without further ado:

1. Super Ilaria Sunglasses

The Limited Edition Super ILARIA, available in the US exclusively at eyegoodies.com.
Part of Super’s special projects, meant to signify their top range models which are produced in extra limited quantity, Super releases the Ilaria.
The Ilaria transforms the Lucia model with the use of classic havana acetate and gold metal. The havana elegantly dresses the front of the frame and the temple tips while the gold metal gives it a rich contrast. Especially unique to the Ilaria is the gold metal which also outlines the lenses, really highlighting their round shape, as well as providing greater structural integrity.

Limited to 170 pieces total produced, the Ilaria features Super’s signature white box which has always distinguished their special projects, as well as a unique supple all leather carrying case.

SHOP:  Super Ilaria >>

2. Thierry Lasry The 79 Sunglasses

Thierry Lasry X L’Ecurie
Thierry Lasry collaborates with French design house L’Ecurie(known for translating movement into design and their one of a kind auto customizations) to create a truly unique piece of eyewear that blends both their passions seamlessly. The frame, appropriately named “The Seventy Nine”, revives the cool styling of the glasses worn by late legend Paul Newman when he participated in the famed “24 Heures du Mans” race in 1979 (finishing second and winning the Imsa class).  Featured above in tortoise with white accents(also available in black, blue, red)

SHOP:  Thierry Lasry The 79 (tortoise) >>

3. Ray Ban Titanium Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban RB 8041 Titanium Aviator sunglasses simply termed by Ray Ban as the “Aviator Titanium”, takes the exact classic best selling Ray Ban Aviator RB 3025 model and improves it by crafting it out of pure beta titanium.
Titanium is not only a lot stronger than steel, its also extremely anti-corrosive and a lot lighter weight. The Ray Ban Aviator model, first created in 1936, truly is a timeless style that is meant to last a lifetime; The added durability and strength of titanium helps ensure they will.

SHOP:  Ray Ban Titanium Aviator >>

4. Han Ed Sunglasses

Han doesn’t follow trends, but does follow classic design principles.
Han Kjobenhavn eyewear, simply called Han, was born May 1st 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was conceived with all the elements that form traditional Danish design: simplicity, quality craftsmanship, and originality. All hand made in Denmark, Han eyewear’s foundation is built upon a timeless aesthetic with influences from decades and icons past. We’re talking simple and classic designs, but aesthetically beautiful elements. As Han so perfectly phrases it “Classic isn’t boring, but is a factor that can continue to inspire and relive itself over and over again”.

The new Ed shades from Han are an authentic mid century style “clubmaster”, a little more subdued compared to Ray Ban’s offering.  Featured above in amber tortoise, also available in black and army tortoise.

SHOP:  Han Ed – Amber Tortoise >>

5. Karen Walker NUmber One Sunglasses

The New Zealand born designer, ever since debuting her run way collection, has enjoyed an ever growing following with collections that are effortless and unpretentious.

Karen walker Number One is a well-fitting feminine shape that ties together many unique style elements. It features modern angular edges, a pulled up line, and Karen Walker’s signature arrows adorning the temples. Featured here in one of our favorite classic color combinations of tokyo tortoise(crazy tortoise) with G15 lenses.

SHOP:  Karen Walker Number One – Tortoise >>

6. Ksubi Columba Sunglasses

Ksubi is quite possibly Australia’s most iconic fashion brand, which was first created in 2000 by Dan Single and George Gorrow. George having a love of all things eyewear knew this was a natural progression for the line. The collection is simple yet built with an eclectic mix of styles, inspired by pop comic, steam punk and vintage, creating a contrasting but unified & original look.
The new Columba model, part of Ksubi’s 2011 “eye, eye” collection, is a classic styled aviator that works equally well on both men and women.  Some notable features include an optional/detachable eyeglass chain, as well as a brushed antique gold metal finish.

SHOP:  Kusbi Columba (gold/grey) >>

7. Persol 714 Custom Sunglasses

The re-birth of a classic. The Persol 714 custom Thomas Crown edition is the perfect gift for any Steve McQueen fan or anyone who is simply a fan of cool. Definitely the most noted Persol 714 worn by McQueen,both on an off screen, was with custom tinted blue lenses; which made a special guest appearance in the film “The Thomas Crown Affair”. To pay tribute to this we are offering an eyegoodies exclusive: the Persol 714 with custom blue lenses. The top quality French optical lenses manufactured by Essilor and custom tinted to the perfect shade of blue(shown above in tortoise with blue B lenses).

SHOP:  Persol 714 Custom >>

8. Tom Ford William Sunglasses

Part of Tom Ford’s new 2011 collection, the William is  an ultra sleek and modern aviator sure to make the man in your life very happy. Tom Ford eyewear fans might notice it is very similar in shape and style to the all popular James Bond TF 108 model (no longer made).

SHOP:  Tom Ford William TF 107 >>

9. Ksubi Lupus Sunglasses

The Lupus, part of the Ksubi’s new 2011 “eye, eye” collection, has a post modern industrial feel.  Some notable features include metal mesh at the bridge, as well as a brushed antique silver metal finish.  The Lupus fits most people very well and works nicely on both men and women.

SHOP:  Ksubi Lupus >>

10. Thierry Lasry Kissy Sunglasses

Thierry Lasry, all hand-made in France, takes a very fresh avant-garde approach to sunglasses.  Based off the concept of “futuristic-vintage” they utilize vintage designs and color palettes, but incorporate an updated modern touch with a surprising ease.

The new Kissy model, part of Thierry Lasry’s 2011 line, is flattering feminine shape in a beautiful one a kind acetate.

Ray Ban Aviator Colored Mirrors – Cheap Ray Bans

Ray Ban Aviator RB 3025 Colored Mirror sunglasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses

New for spring 2013, the iconic Ray Ban Aviator RB 3025 sunglasses get a splash of color in the form of full-on colored mirror lenses.

Mirrored lenses reduce glare while retaining contrast, perfect for driving, days on the ocean, or to simply block those envious on-lookers.  Also worth noting, the mirrored lenses give off slightly different hues depending the angle the light catches it, for example the green becomes aqua/ green.

Available in 3 vibrant  mirror colors, each with matte gold frame: Blue Mirror, “Sunset” Mirror, and Agua Green Mirror.

Check them out below:

Ray Ban Aviator RB 3025 Colored Mirror sunglasses - Blue

Shop Ray Ban Aviator Colored Mirror (Blue) Sunglasses >>

Ray Ban Aviator RB 3025 Colored Mirror sunglasses - Sunset

Shop Ray Ban Aviator Colored Mirror (Sunset) Sunglasses >>

Ray Ban Aviator RB 3025 Colored Mirror sunglasses - Green

Shop Ray Ban Aviator Colored Mirror (Aqua Green) Sunglasses >>

Ray-Ban vs. Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Ray-Ban debuted with its classic pair of aviator sunglasses in the year 1937. They were initially designed for and distributed amongst World War II fighter pilots. These sunglasses gave them better protection when it came to flying in extremely sunny and bright weather conditions.
ray ban 2140 ray-ban com

Classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, RB2140

Initially, Ray-Ban sunglasses were manufactured in the United States of America. But, in the year 1999, the company called Luxottica acquired Ray-Ban and ever since then, your favorite Ray-Ban aviators are manufactured either in Italy or China. Many people, especially the old fans of Ray-Ban are of the opinion that the company has lost its fine touch in sunglasses every since its acquisition by Luxottica. So, if you were looking for sunglasses that were manufactured in the US, then clearly Ray-Ban is not your go-to company.

However, Ray-Ban sunglasses have been known for their wire thin frames and the classic aviator shaped lenses. Some of you may not like the thin frame, if you are looking forward to covering your temple. But, actually the stylish thin frame will look good on anyone and the nose bridges have a perfect fit. What’s more, no matter what the size of your face is, chances are a pair of Ray-Ban aviators which measures 55mm in length will fit your face perfectly. These sunglasses are available in different shades like solid black, brown, mirrored ones with bluish tint, and also graduated lenses. Depending on your face, you can choose one that will suit you best.

Now, coming to the Randolph Engineering ones, first off all, they are manufactured in the USA and only the nose bridge is imported from another country. These sunglasses have gained a lot of popularity due to their sturdier frames, which give a better and more secure fit than their Ray-Ban counterparts. Currently, Randolph Engineering holds the contract for supplying sunglasses to the American military and NASA. Although they have sturdier frames and a curvy silhouette, they lose points when it comes to the nose bridge. It will take you some time and effort to bend the metal stalks so that they it perches on your nose perfectly.

Randolph Engineering sunglasses

Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Whether you are looking for a 52 mm length pair of sunglasses or a 57 mm length ones, you will be able to purchase both from Randolph Engineering. The traditional tear drop shaped sunglasses and the new Concorde from Randolph come in the previously-mentioned lengths. Additionally, Randolph’s frames are made from 18% nickel steel alloy, which prevent them from corroding or breaking.

Both Ray-Ban and Randolph have their USPs, but choose the one that suits your face-type and style the best!

What Sunglasses Does Conor Mcgregor Wear?

MMA fighter Conor McGregor is bringing fashion flare and getting attention. Conors style is modern and will be a great style for just about most guys that want to be fashion forward and have a “cool” look. When talking about McGregors style, we specifically focus on his sunglasses which is something searched by many.

So, let’s check out some of the most notable sunglasses Conor Mcgregor wears.

The first pair we have to show is the classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster. Who doesn’t like this iconic pair of shades? We have to admit, Conor Mcgregor totally wears them great.

Photo Credit: Source Unknown



Check out Conor in his DITA MACH-ONE sunglasses which are considered super “BALLER” sunglasses.

Source: Reddit

Ray-Ban Aviators vs. Oakley Plaintiff Sunglasses

When it comes to aviators, most of our minds picture a sleek and sophisticated pair of black aviators from Ray-Ban. Get that picture? Yes, that one!

Ray-Ban has been enthralling sunglasses lover since 1937 through its classic aviators and wayfarers. There is no doubt to the fact that they have been the original creators of aviators and since then it has caught the fashion world in a frenzy.

Ray-Ban initially manufactured these glasses for fighter pilots in the early 30s. Since then, men and women around the world have loved this pair of sunglasses and many brands have replicated this design. Although they were initially designed for men, but now these sunglasses have become gender-neutral and even women sport aviators with great panache and poise


However, if you thought that Ray-Ban still holds the pride of designing the best pair of aviator sunglasses, then you are in a surprise. Oakley came out with an even more impressive pair of sunglasses, known as the Oakley Plaintiff. Well, if you are thinking that it will only look good on plaintiffs, then fret not, because it will look marvellous on you too.

You might be thinking what is so great about the Oakley Plaintiff, but wait till you see its matte finish frames that fit perfectly onto your face.The frames of an Oakley Plaintiff pair of aviators are made from very light, hi-modulus C5 metal, while the hinges are known to be titanium mono-shock hinges. This means that every time you accidentally bend your glasses while lying down or they hand out of your tee’s pockets, the stems won’t come off. These hinges make the stems super flexible, so that they fit your face perfectly.

The shape of the Oakley Plaintiff sunglasses are completely different from the Ray-Ban ones. The latter stands out and there is a gap between your face and the sunglasses when you wear them. However, The Oakley Plaintiff ones are not that flat, but have a more curvaceous design. They cover your eyes properly, thereby giving you maximum protection from sunrays.

oakley plaintiff

The lenses of an Oakley Plaintiff pair of sunglasses are made from 00 Black Iridium Polarized Lens, which blocks harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays from seeping through. For that case, even Rayban aviators are made from polarized lens, but Oakley has more patents and technological advancement when it comes to lenses.

If you love your chic, pilot kind of look then stick with the Ray-Ban aviators. However, if you would like to experiment and look stylish, then Oakley Plaintiffs are your safest bet!